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You may take individual courses at your leisure without enrolling in our Online Bible College. Pleas select for the list of our individual courses that you may take. Please be aware that individual courses only count towards Bible College credits if you enroll in the Bible College with in 18 months of the completion of the course. If you wish, you may enroll in our Online Bible College in order to accumulate course credits before you start your course at a reduced rate compared to taking the courses individually. Theses courses are the courses our Bible College student enjoy as they journey towards their degree. You may click on any individual course to learn more about the course or to take the course. If you have any questions about our selected Bible College courses or enrollment in our Bible College, you may contact us (HERE)

AP-101               Introduction to Apologetics
AP-110/310         Apologetics 1
AP-201/401         Introduction to the Cults
AP-206/406         Introduction to the New Age Religion
AP-210/410         Apologetics 2
AP-301/501/701   Cults
AP-325/525         Secular Apologetics
BI-101/301            Biblical Introduction
BI-102/302            New Testament Survey 1
BI-103/303            Old Testament Survey 1
BI-121/321            The Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
BI-122/422            Biblical Hermeneutics
BI-123/423            Tabernacle Typology
BI-202/402            New Testament Survey 2
BI-203/403            Old Testament Survey 2
BI-206/406/606      Pauline Epistles
BI-208/408/608      Acts of The Apostles
BI-210/410/610      Major Prophets
BI-212/412/612      The Holy Spirit
BI-213/413/613      Baptism
BI-214/414/614      Healing
BI-215/415/615      Repentance
BI-216/416/616      The Book of Hebrews
BI-217/417/617      Prayer and Fasting
BI-219/419/619      The Book of Revelation
BI-223/423/623      Full Gospel Fundamentals 1
BI-224/424/624      Full Gospel Fundamentals 2
BI-225/425/625      Full Gospel Fundamentals 3
BI-226/426/626      Bible 1
BI-227/427/627      Bible 2
BI-228/428/628      Bible 3
BI-415/615            Eschatology 1
BI-416/616            Eschatology 2
BI-420/620/720      Messianic Prophecies and Their Fulfillment
CC-101/401          Introduction to Christian Counseling
CC-222/422/622    Counseling and The Law
CC-243/443/543    Christian Marriage Counseling 1
CC-244/444/544    Christian Marriage Counseling 2
CC-405/605          Introduction to Cult Exit Counseling
CC-412/612          Biblical Counseling 1
CC-413/613          Biblical Counseling 2
CC-414/614          Biblical Counseling 3
CC-425/625          The Family Unit: What’s Really Going On
CC-436/636          Cult Exit Counseling 1
CC-437/637          Cult Exit Counseling 2
CC-538/738          Christian Spiritual Formation
CED-201/401        Introduction to Christian Education
CED-207/407/607  Effective Teaching
CED-412/612        Your Legal Rights As A Christian
CED-415/615        Christian Education 1
CED-416/616        Christian Education 2
CED-617/717        Christian Education 3
CPH-201 Introduction to Christian Philosophy
CPH-401/601        Philosophy of Religion
CPH-403/603        Christian Philosophy 1
CPH-404/604        History of Philosophy
CPH-405/605        Christian Philosophy 2
CPH-410/610        Faith and Reason
EV-105/405              Basic Evangelism
EV-131/431              Personal Evangelism
EV-205/405/605       Youth Evangelism
EV-237/437/637       Prison Evangelism
PC-201/401               Introduction to Pastoral Counseling
PC-243/443/643         Christian Marriage Counseling 1
PC-244/444/644         Christian Marriage Counseling 2
PC-425/625               The Family Unit: What’s Really Going On
PC-445/545               Christian Marriage Counseling 3
PC-446/546               Christian Marriage Counseling 4
PC-436/636               Cult Exit Counseling 1
PC-437/637               Cult Exit Counseling 2
PC-638/738               Christian Spiritual Formation
PH-101       Call and Life of a Prophet
PH-102       Qualification of Prophetic Ministry
PH-105       Prophetic Love Walk
TH-121                  The Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
PH-103        The Voice of God
PH-104        Prophetic Intercession
TH-101/401                Introduction to Theology
TH-103/303                The Trinity
TH-105/405                Bible Doctrines 1
TH-121/321                The Fruit and Gifts of the Holy Spirit
TH-122/322                Dispensational Truths
TH-123/323                Tabernacle Typology
TH-204/404                The History of Redemption
TH-206/406/               Bible Doctrines 2
TH-209/409/609          New Testament Theology 1
TH-210/410/610          New Testament Theology 2
TH-211/411                Angels
TH-213/413                Sin
TH-214/414                The Church
TH-215/415                Hell
TH-216/416                The Holy Spirit
TH-217/417                Salvation
TH-218/418                Christ’s Resurrection
TH-220/420/620          Comparative Religions
TH-426/626                Eschatology 1
TH-427/627                Eschatology 2
Individual Courses
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